Thinklogical's New Solution for the Distribution of Dual Link SDI and 3G Signals

SDI 3G/Dual Link Exchange

The SDI 3G/Dual Link Exchange unit will help prevent and solves issues in post production. In one unit, convert a dual link SDI signal to a 3G SDI signal over a single link, or convert a single 3G SDI signal to a dual link SDI signal in one unit.

The Thinklogical SDI 3G/Dual Link Exchange is a compact broadcast quality SDI converter. The system allows you to seamlessly convert a 3G SDI signal to a pair of Dual Link SDI signals and vice versa with or without embedded audio and data. 


All other outputs, HD-SDI and SD-SDI are bypassed to the outputs without conversion. Not only does it convert video signals in real-time, it also provides the highest quality images for professional audio-visual and broadcast end users.

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